MEDIA — 08/02/2023


Ombria Resort’s plant nurseries have been home to a seedbed of Narcissus willkommii since 27 January 2023. The seedbed is part of a project which involves a group set up at a local school.

"Os Pequenos Naturalistas de Querença" (Querença’s Young Naturalists) comprises children between 3 and 11 from the EB/J.I. school. The group visited the nursery and was received by Luís Pinto, Ombria’s golf course Head Greenkeeper, Maintenance Manager José Malveiro and his team, Luís Ferreira, an environmental engineer, and forest engineer Gonçalo Menezes from Ambientar - an environmental consultancy company. Some of the children had already taken part in an outdoor class at Ombria Resort in 2019

In this nursery several species of plants are growing aimed at returning to their natural habitat. This contributes to the reproduction of several species and the preservation of the existing fauna and flora.

Our team selected a unique daffodil to show the children: the Narcissus willkommii. This endangered flower only grows next to a section of stream in Quarteira, a nearby coastal town. Ombria Resort seems to provide the ideal growing environment for this species thanks to its watercourses, constant monitoring of the cane field, and the Algarve’s soil.

Luís and Gonçalo asked the children to sow the seeds, helped by Cristóvão, Henrique, and Idalécio – the pupils took to gardening like a duck takes to water! The young naturalists took turns to fill a wheelbarrow with soil; they then added peat and white pearlite microspheres.

The spheres interact with organic compounds and improve aeration and water circulation in the seedbed. Once finished, the children went to the golf course to see how the flower grows in its natural environment.  The Ombria team will send the school monthly pictures depicting the flower’s growth at Ombria’s nursery. 



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