We are currently in soft opening mode, and, as a result, some of our services may not yet be available. Before proceeding with your reservation, we kindly ask you to confirm the latest updates with our Reservations & Golf Reception team.

You can reach our team at the following contact details:

Phone: +351 937 370 945 (Portuguese mobile number) Email: golfombria@ombria.com

The Golf Reception & Pro-shop operates from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week. The first tee time for 18 holes starts at 8:00 am, and the last tee time for 18 holes is at 14h00 pm.

If you have any further inquiries or require assistance making a reservation, please feel free to reach out. We are here to ensure your experience at Ombria Golf Course is exceptional.


Playing the land...

Our signature course was designed by Jorge Santana da Silva, who followed a sustainable vision to complement and enhance the natural landscape. Weaving around ancient rivers and trees that have stood for generations, it has achieved the standards of golf’s most prestigious ecolabel certifications and created a naturally diverse setting for a truly memorable round of golf.

Ombria's Resort Golf Course
Golf Course of Ombria Resort surrounded by trees

Preserving the landscape

The vistas of the greens and fairways were designed to blend seamlessly into the environment surrounding them. Preserving the authentic landscape by repopulating indigenous plants and trees has ensured that it will grow into a natural extension of the already thriving ecosystem.

GEO Certified Golf Course

As concerns and expectations of sustainability are growing in all walks of life, the golf community is no different, now looking to contribute more, for the welfare of nature and communities - and for the good of the game. 

Weaving around ancient rivers and trees that have stood for generations, our golf course has achieved the standards of golf’s most prestigious ecolabel certifications - The GEO Foundation’s certification.

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Aerial perspective of all buildings of Ombria Resort
Aerial perspective of all buildings of Ombria Resort

Off the course

Enjoying stunning panoramas, our Clubhouse was built into the castle-like walls of an existing ruin and features a sports bar & restaurant, golf shop, swimming pool, sauna and gym facilities. Before or after play, the relaxed, country club feel and elevated terrace views make it the perfect place to socialize and enjoy your favourite drink. From professional tuition to the latest equipment, here you will find everything you need for a splendid day on the course.

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Premium sustainable golfing resort

Ombria Algarve presents a unique opportunity to acquire golf real estate in the Algarve. Overlooking the golf course and surrounding lush green hills, there are several purchase options depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Owners will enjoy the outstanding facilities of the golf properties and take the best of the perfect year-round climate.

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Ombria's Resort Golf Course


Although we focused on creating a truly sustainable, authentic golf experience at Ombria, its true success is how well this commitment has been incorporated into - even enhancing - the quality, diversity and immersion of an innovative course design. 

We feel that players of all levels won’t want to miss the opportunity to put their skills to the test, not only against the stunning backdrops, but also against the unique natural challenges they present."


Salvador Macedo, Director of Golf

18 hole Golf Course
As soon as they are welcomed to the winding rivers and shimmering streams of the front nine, players can choose either a conservative or more daring strategy for this challenging hole.
One of the most challenging holes at Ombria, players must navigate several different strategies – while avoiding water at every turn!
An idyllic setting hides some interesting challenges from the incredible treelines, beautifully countered hillsides and the returning river.
A spectacular setting greets players, granting them a brief respite from the river and a wonderful view of the incredible environment.
A very unusual hole that requires players to accurately judge distance over a sharp descent – and then make the right shot to match.
A picturesque hole with some interesting historical features, plenty of opportunities for birdies, eagles - and also disaster!
Although difficult from the tee, it is the green that can trip up your game late on, a deceptively tricky putting challenge that could catch players unawareness.
The intimidating sight of the river wall make for a memorable and challenging hole that requires precise play and a conservative strategy.
A fitting end to the front nine, the 9th rewards accuracy and sound strategy, with the dramatic moments played out for spectators upon the lakeside road.
A welcoming hole to the back nine showcasing the surrounding landscapes and introducing the player to the natural geography that adds challenge and diversity to the Ombria course.
Following the same direction, a long par 3 presents natural challenges of gently undulating geography and surrounding tree lines.
A beautiful downhill approach lined by natural rough and treelines, careful approach play is needed to reach an elevated green.
The player must switch tactics on the 13th, opting for accuracy rather than power. The hole is set into banks of a hillside, adding diversity to the play experience.
A left dog-leg with some difficult hazards offers several options for long players as a stunning lime kiln reminds us of the unique local heritage.
Carved into the contours of a sharp hillside, this challenging hole requires short, accurate shots and is unforgiving of mistakes.
From a high vantage point, the fairway weaves downward into the natural landscape, with several hazards to consider as we approach the green.
The oak tree that stands on the 17th characterises a beautiful hole that hides a variety of challenges but a relatively simple putt.
An exciting finish to the days experience, challenging them with the natural features of a unique landscape.
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