Ombria Resort's mission is to create synergies between the community aiming the consolidation of something bigger. To raise awareness and inspire other real estate developments to follow the same ethos on respecting the identity, culture and natural location while creating something to last. 

We are deeply committed to reinforcing sustainable development in the Algarve, embedding our environmental, economic and socio-cultural values into an authentic experience. For this, we recognise and are encouraged by one of the most vital forces in our industry, the feeling of belonging, of building relations that are meant to last.

The Project

Our roots are found in the rich heritage and outstanding natural beauty of the region.


Discover how our passion for a unique location shaped the concept and design of Ombria Resort.

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We care for our home and its future.


Working to promote and preserve the region, Ombria Resort is respectful of the natural environment, local community and regional culture.

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Sustainable Real Estate

Branded Freehold Apartments and Bespoke Luxury Villas for Sale


Ombria Resort presents a unique opportunity to acquire prime real estate in the Algarve, one of the most desirable locations in Europe. There are several purchase options depending on your needs and lifestyle.

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Pontos Group
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You are never more than a step away from paradise.


Arrive from Faro Airport to magnificent golf courses, spectacular beaches and picturesque, white-walled villages.

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Developer and Partners

A sophisticated masterplan driven by the sustainable vision of Pontos Group.


Pontos Group are committed to create a world-leading sustainable luxury resort founded on strong, independent financial backing and enhanced by the exquisite service of Viceroy Hotels & Resorts.

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Pontos Group
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A Journey of Commitment

“We are a strong advocate for the connection of the community and firmly believe in the power of an authentic relationship."

Julio Delgado, CEO

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