Balancing the freedom of a detached villa and the reassurance of a managed property, Oriole Village allows owners the flexibility to adapt their residence usage to changing needs and lifestyles.

With a tourism agreement in place, but with no mandatory usage restrictions, owners can choose how they want their property to be used year by year. The same excellence of design, lifestyle and management that you would expect at Ombria Resort, but with ownership that works for you.


At the Oriole Village, owners enjoy the freedom of nature and a flexible lifestyle.

Inspired by the local communities and villages, it is a tribute to a simpler way of life. Artfully divided into three hamlet clusters, the intimate feel of Ombria Resort is preserved with the architectural language and welcoming public areas of a local community.


The Oriole Village embraces the language and spaces of a traditional Portuguese village.

Designed by PROMONTORIO, an internationally renowned architecture, planning, landscaping, interior and graphic design firm based in Lisbon, the village follows the overall creative vision for Ombria Resort, perfectly aligning concept with location.

Contemporary architecture draws upon a rich local heritage, enhancing it with the latest engineering and technological innovations.


With no mandatory restrictions on use, owners are free to use their property as they wish.

Owners may spend as much time as they want here but have the option to fully, or partially, hand it over to the management company for holiday rental while away – either way enjoying the resort’s facilities, security and maintenance services at their disposal.

The Properties

A collection of 83 apartments, townhouses and semi-detached or detached villas are available.

Ranging from 1 to 4-bedroom properties with between 80 to 300m² of internal space, each one comes immaculately furnished and equipped with several interior design packages available to choose from, all incorporating regional materials, patterns and textures.


Experience the welcoming feel of an authentic Algarve village

Becoming part of our story. Traditional outdoor spaces, exceptional facilities and a calendar of activities and events can be enjoyed the whole year-round.

Starting at the central plaza, the heart of a village, you will discover an entire village to explore. Friends, old and new, greet each other warmly at the clubhouse. Families set out to discover hidden forest trails. Tantalising aromas and familial smiles welcome us to restaurants and bars. The simple pleasures and unforgettable memories of a lifestyle rooted in nature.

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