The Company

Pontos is a Diversified Investor Focused on Accelerating Change in Real Estate

Established in 2001, Pontos Group is a Finnish family office. Pontos invests in real estate, real estate development & digitalization, growth companies and private equity funds - in Finland and globally. Pontos is a responsible long-term investor, that actively supports and develops its portfolio companies.

In 2020, Pontos participated in the directed share issue of one of Finland’s largest construction companies - SRV Group Plc. Through this, Pontos became SRV’s largest shareholder with an approximate 17 percent ownership.

“We are a family office that believes in long term ownership and good working culture.”

Timo Kokkila, CEO 

Introducing Pontos Group

"When completed, Ombria will offer a unique combination of high-level services and an active lifestyle. Our aim is to deliver a luxury development offering a diverse range of accommodation, real estate investment options and sports facilities within authentic natural surroundings - perfectly integrated into the area where it is located.” 

Timo Kokkila, CEO of Pontos

Being a patient owner, Pontos invests responsibly and believes in long-term cooperation as the cornerstone of its business.


  • Investments in real estate innovations for the life cycle of the built environment
  • Opportunistic investments in attractive growth companies

  • Target size of investment: €10M in real estate; €5–20M in private equity

  • Both majority and minority ownerships

  • The option to actively participate in the development of the company – typically through board work

Pontos’ portfolio companies employ approx. 5,000 people. The size of its real estate portfolio is 500,000m².

Portfolio - Real Estate & Private Equity Companies

LAK Real Estate


Sokos Hotel Viru




R8 Technologies

Hintsa Performance (Finland)


Valmet Automotive (Finland)

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