- 01/12/19

Golden Visa Program: Advantages of Investing in Portugal

Aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal, the Golden Visa is a flexible programme, with simple legal requirements. It is clearly one of the most attractive residency programs for international investors.

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- 16/10/19

Fiscal benefits of Non-Habitual Residency in Portugal

In recent years, Portugal has quickly become a haven for affluent, high net-worth individuals - all of whom are benefiting from a unique tax regime that presents several attractive fiscal benefits. However, non-habitual residency is something that...

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- 16/06/19

How does the Viceroy Residences scheme work?

A premier destination, a guaranteed rental return, the reassurance of expert property management…the advantages of owning branded residences are limitless. The following guide will help explain why a Viceroy Residence...

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- 08/02/19

Buying into Ombria Resort: Reasons to invest in the Algarve

With the number of Irish and UK residents interested in investing in a holiday or retirement home overseas increasingly dramatically over the past few years, it’s worth considering why so many tourists, buyers and investors are returning to Algarve

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