An authentic welcome is the tradition of the Portuguese people, as they invite you to explore their home with genuine warmth and pride in their smiles. Local experiences help you get to know an enchanting culture better, as you become enthralled by the unique personalities of local people passionate about their heritage.

The People

Margarida Cortês

Try your hand at artisanal palm weaving

Margarida was taught the art of palm weaving when she just 12 years old, helping her family as a child to collect and dry palm leaves until she could finally hone her skills to weave baskets and cradles by herself.

These were traditions passed from mother to daughter that she now teaches visitors to her village. They quickly become fascinated by a craft that has taken a lifetime to perfect, learning to weave from her and continuing a tradition that has endured for centuries.

Maria de Jesus

Explore the trails and aromatic herbs of Querença

An expert in local horticulture and flora, Maria provides guided tours that explore the incredible biodiversity of the inland Algarve, increasingly finding many visitors wish to see more of the Algarve than beaches and swimming pools.

The winding trails that surround Querença are like farmer’s market to her keen eye as she picks out herbs and aromatics, some of which remain unnamed, and serves al fresco teas and picnics infused with the delicate flavours of her countryside home.

Pedro Lima

Incredible regional gastronomy in the Algarve

Pedro is an exceptional example of the importance of traditions and gastronomy in the Algarve. With memories of days past, he's a traditional chef who creates dishes like Xerém, a traditional corn polenta, to express the heritage of his family.

Traditional gastronomy is known for the use of outstanding local produce, from local boar and rabbit to sensational seafood, sourced at local markets to deliver genuine farm-to-table dining.

Ricardo Badalo

Explore the rich habitat of the Ria Formosa

Ricardo was born in Fuseta village and grew up on the spectacular fishing beaches of the Ria Formosa. An expert on this abundantly biodiverse habitat, he now runs the Passeios Ria Formosa tours that sail along the banks he still feels so passionate about.

His tours are intimately connected to his childhood memories and his understanding of local nature, culture and tradition. Long-held friendships within the local community even allow his guests to work alongside oystercatchers and other fishermen, providing unforgettable interactions.

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