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Welcome to Ombria Algarve's press area. For ​any press inquiries about Ombria Algarve ​such as press visits or image requests, we invite you to ​kindly use the contacts below.

For your convenience, our press kit and latest media releases are also available for download below. We trust you will appreciate that the emails below are intended ​media inquiries only. ​We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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Viking PR
André Kappelhoff

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Ombria Algarve
Sabrina Pessanha 

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Here are some of the publications we've been fortunate enough to be featured in.

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"At Ombria Algarve, we are developing a new concept of resort in which hospitality and real estate go hand in hand with sustainability. Curious for more, please contact me."


Sabrina Pessanha, PR & Events Manager 

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