Becoming part of our story

Starting at the central plaza, the heart of a village, you will discover an entire village to explore. Friends, old and new, greet each other warmly at the clubhouse. Families set out to discover hidden forest trails. Tantalising aromas and familial smiles welcome us to restaurants and bars. The simple pleasures and unforgettable memories of a lifestyle rooted in nature.

Viceroy at Ombria Resort
  • 5 Star Hotel //
Alcedo Villas
  • Private Villas
Oriole Village
  • Apartments / Townhouses / Villas
Future Development
Future Development (Villas)
Club House
Conference Centre
Astronomical Observatory
Cycling Lane
Nature Path
Jogging Path
18 hole Golf Course
Junior Club
Organic Vegetable Garden
Map of the area surrounding the Ombria Resort
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