Sustainability is an integral part of our vision for Ombria Resort. How we blend into our environment and impact the local community have been fundamental considerations guiding our planning, design, construction and operation philosophies. An Environmental Impact Statement supported licence has allowed us to achieve environmental compliance for each phase of construction.

Our genuine commitment to economic, environmental and social responsibility aims to develop a resort in harmony with its natural environment and local community. To ensure this, we have minimized the use of natural resources, built on less than a quarter of the total resort area to preserve local biodiversity and developed smart buildings that utilise bioclimatic technology and innovative solar and geothermal technologies. 

We passionately believe that our success relies on promoting the destination as a whole. We are partners with the local community, sharing the benefits of the resort with them and vice versa, working together we can promote the region as a world tourism destination and actively contribute to its future welfare and preservation.

 Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings


Principles of sustainability were applied to the design and attributes of every building found at Ombria Resort. Bioclimatic architecture, both innovative and traditional, allows for energy to be conserved wherever possible, using age-old Algarvian build methods and locally sourced materials perfectly adapted to the climate.

Geothermal Energy

Our pioneering, low-impact near-to-surface geothermal system works by transferring the geothermal heat to pumped water through the ground and, in combination with reverse heat pumps, used for climate control, both cooling or heating. A clean, round-the-clock renewable energy source free of risk for ourselves and our neighbours.

Water Management

By carefully considering water management across the site of Ombria Resort, we were able to minimise water consumption and also develop a specially designed pumping system that will store and distribute naturally replaced rainwaters.

Rainwater collected by the ditches will be channelled towards a storage lake and used for irrigation and landscaping by sophisticated, energy-efficient pumps that will save water and electricity by around 15%.

Solar Energy


With over 320 days of sunshine a year, developing solar technology is important for the future of the Algarve. Supporting the geothermal system for climate control and outdoor pool heating will be a network of vacuum solar panels to harness this abundant natural resource.



Based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, the building design and architecture at Ombria Resort employs the use of both locally inspired regional elements and locally sourced natural materials, leading to an overall reduction of energy consumption and environmental footprint.


Innovation and Technology


A key consideration in the design of facilities at Ombria Resort was to create new infrastructure for sustainable energy management which reduces energy needs while maximising the use of renewable energy - and developing the innovative technology we needed to do so.



Lighting for both public spaces and interiors have been carefully selected to minimise energy consumption and maximise lifespan – with all installations using LED technology. 



Separating waste will be made easy for guests, residents and staff with eco-points and recycling bins available inside and out – helping to promote a culture of organised recycling throughout the resort.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points


The Electric Vehicle (EV) is regarded by many as the future of motoring and there's a big energy demand, but where to charge? At Ombria Resort, public and private parking spaces will all have electric vehicle charge points available.

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