Exploring the Algarve, you will discover a unique region filled with many treasures and memorable experiences. Discover the town of Loulé with its historic castle and local markets, the Fonte da Benémola nature reserve and the cobbled, white-walled streets of Querença or Tôr.

Every village and town you discover will feel distinct, with its own personality and character greeting you with the conviviality of the Algarve people - and each offering time-honoured gastronomic, artisanal or adventure experiences completely unique to the region.

Travel into the Algarve, away from the bustling tourist crowds, renew your spirit and become invigorated by the simple pleasures of a timeless way of life.

The Places

Man taking a photo of Querença's church

Rocha da Pena

A rich and diverse paradise for wildlife lovers.

Home to hundreds of species of plants, birds and mammals, the challenging climb of Rocha da Pena is broken by idyllic, grassy spots coloured by mosaics of butterflies and wildflowers.

Forgotten trails and iron-age walls guide adventurous hikers as they spot boar, mongoose, rabbits and bats in a nature tour framed by reservoirs and springs that play a crucial role in the local ecosystem.


The 12th century Loulé castle is at the heart of a vibrant town full of energy and life, from a bustling town centre with art galleries, museums, theatres and artisanal shops to the colourful weekly Loulé market.

A cultural destination, Loulé hosts many international events, including its famous Carnival and the MED World music festival. These narrow cobbled streets and hidden tavernas are where friends are made for life.

Castle of Loulé

Man taking a photo of Querença's church


To the east lies this picture-perfect village, where the traditional rural Algarve remains untouched and unspoiled. Walking the streets of traditional whitewashed houses, crossing the plaza and 16th century church, we become aware of a tremendous sense of community, a harmonious relationship between locals and the lands of their home.


Crossing to the west we find the small village of Tôr, renowned for age-old vineyards that distil today’s summer sunshine into tomorrow´s raised glass.

Stepping upon the warm stones of an ancient Roman bridge and feeling the weight of history in the heart of a region inspires us to think of times past and stories yet untold.

Lady with white horse close to the Tôr's creek and bridge

Couple in the forest heading to Benémola's fountain

Fonte da Benémola

Between Querença and Tôr, lies the Fonte da Benémola nature reserve, one of the most biodiverse regions in Portugal, and home to a wide variety of local flora and fauna…from sleepy owls and kingfishers to tortoises and triton salamanders.

Hours pass unnoticed as children seek out elusive sightings and adults become engrossed in nature.


MAR Shopping Algarve

Located just outside Loulé is MAR Shopping, a regional retail portal anchored by a next generation IKEA store. Boasting an 85,000 m2 indoor mall and open-air outlet village, it’s innovative sustainability, efficiency and positive social and environmental impact, quickly led to BREEAM certification.

A fashion-orientated shopping and leisure experience for locals and tourists alike, it offers luxury brands and boutique stores in a unique space. A meeting point, a place to be seen and a fun day out for the whole family.

MAR Shopping in Loulé

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