Explore the freedom of the outdoors

Our serene surroundings will be enhanced by the wide variety of amenities and activities at your doorstep. A premier hotel, signature golf course with clubhouse, world-class spa, state-of-the art conference facilities and junior club for the children. Experience delectable dining moments in one of our restaurants. Be thrilled by sporting adventures in mesmerising outdoor spaces. Enjoy the famous Algarve coastline from the Beach Club, where golden sands and sparkling blue seas help to refresh the senses.

Balancing moments of indulgence with the simplicity of our surroundings, oak forests and ancient paths inspire a way of life in harmony with nature. Visit our organic farming area, join the honey harvest, explore hiking trails or simply take in the night’s wonders at the astronomical observatory. Spend time creating treasured family moments and unforgettable memories.

Hiking Trails

When you really want to learn about a place, hiking brings you closer to the land and its people.

Lush foliage and tumbling waterfalls, our surroundings inspire us to get out and get active. Something special happens when we spend quality time outdoors, disconnected from the internet and connecting back to the land that we’re so lucky to call home.



Ombria's Resort Golf Course


Paths and trails wind around Ombria, with thrilling downhills and challenging climbs.

Explore the vast hills all around Ombria by bike, and join a passionate local cycling community that shares a vibrant passion for physical exercise and outdoor adventure.


Explore the wonders of the cosmos

At our observatory, you will count your stars, literally, under the clearest night’s skies!

​Far from the city lights, the stage is set for a glittering canvas crowded with stars, nebulas and other heavenly objects. For the budding astronomer, or those looking for romantic sparks closer to the ground, here you will find some of the best stargazing in Europe.


The natural world is the central figure for a contemporary lifestyle at Ombria.

By having nature as the perfect backdrop, you will find a sense of meaning and balance through activities such as meditation or ioga which emphasize the values of mindfulness and being present.



An enormous variety of outdoor activities and thrilling sporting adventures will be available at Ombria, along with specially designed recreational facilities. 

From j​ogging circuits to nature walking trails, all of these activities will help to immerse you in the stunning surroundings.

Honey harvest

We are passionate about building a tranquil and private quality of life for every visitor, including our bee friends. By creating honey harvesting facilities, we will be able to protect pollinators that are vital for the ecosystem and biodiversity growth.

The traditional honey harvest has been carried out in this region for centuries, with guests of all ages now able to join in the fun of an authentic Algarve heritage. 

Ombria's Resort Honey Harvest Program

Fonte da Benémola 
 Picnic area - Fauna

 4,2 km

 Altitude Variation

 Difficulty Level
 Easy (level 2)

 1h (approximate) 

 Altitude max/min
 156/142 m 

 Type of Route
 Circular - counter clockwise direction

 Recommended Season
 All year round, although springtime is the most beautiful in terms of flora and weather.

Route Description

The pedestrian route starts at the dirt parking lot (Fica Bem), located next to the Municipal Road (MR) 524 between the villages of Tôr and Querença, and it proceeds through the main dirt road, among the characteristic vegetation of the algarvian Barrocal, passing by information Panels regarding the Benémola Flora and Floodplains. Proceeding, the route crosses a small river and turns left at the crossroads, towards the Menalva River.

Near the Ornithological Station of Fonte Benémola, there is an information Panel regarding the Birds. The route continues along the main road, where an old hayloft appears on the left. When reaching the Panel regarding Water, the Olho (spring), the poldras (step-stone bridges), a first picnic park, and, on the right, the levadas (irrigation channels), the route continues forward up to the Fonte da Benémola (spring) and then to a second picnic park, an information Panel about Fauna and the remains of an old limekilns.

The section from the intersection up to here is common to the Via Algarviana (Algarvian Route) and the pedestrian route of Sete Fontes (PR12LLE). A variant to the route is possible by crossing the water line, before the first picnic park, using the poldras. There is also a guided audio route – the Water Route - next to the water line. The route crosses the river and continues along the main road, where it is possible to find the house of an old basket maker from the region (to the left), until reaching again the Municipal Road 524. The route then turns left, crosses the Passagem Bridge, and turns left again. Following along the MR 524, it passes the old Passagem Mill (once one of the most important mills of the area) until arriving at the dirt parking lot (Fica Bem).


Information taken from the Municipality of Loulé website.

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