Promoting Sustainable Practices 

As we promote the inland region in the Algarve and partner with the local community, we are also creating a safe space for all the biodiversity within Ombria.

One of the main concerns of Ombria is the conservation of indigenous species, including Holm oak and Cork oak, and also Head Thyme (Thymus Lotoceplalus) and Blue Jacinth of the Barrocal (Bellevalia hackelii). These trees and plants are being raised in the resort’s nursery and will soon be planted in the property.

By building a plant nursery we are creating a habitat that greatly contributes to the reproduction of several species and ensuring the development and growth of local species and working towards the preservation of the existing flora and fauna.

By completion of the development, around 2,000 holm-oaks (800 of which have already been planted) and a few thousand protected species are due to be.

 Indigenous Species found at Ombria

It has become increasingly necessary to look at our own landscapes as a shelter for biodiversity. This is a wonderful natural orchestration with each species’ life cycle being highly interdependent. At Ombria, we try to protect them and create ways to preserve native species so they can thrive in harmony and at ease. 

Here are some of the Indigenous Species that can be found within Ombria: 


Paeonia broteroi (Brotero's peony)
Thymus lotocephalus (Wild Thyme)
Hypericum perforatum (Saint John's wort)
Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)
Lavanda stoechas (French Lavender)
Pimpinella villosa
Bellevalia hackelii
Narcissus calcicola
Picris algarbiensis
Sideritis arborenscens subsp. lusitanica
Arbutus unedo (Strawberry tree)
Chaniocrops humilis (European fan palm)


The Importance of Indigenous Species

"Ombria and the golf course project are being designed according to the highest international standards, contributing to long-term community development, while preserving and enhancing the local environment by incorporating areas for conservation and promotion of wildlife habitat."

Alexandra Betâmio de Almeida, Independent Verifier - Ombria Golf Course

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