Near-to-surface geothermal system at Ombria

At the heart of Ombria lies a genuine commitment to sustainability, with our every step it is the most important factor to determine the way ahead. ​​Our low-impact geothermal system supplies safe, clean renewable energy source throughout our resort.

With a specially designed infrastructure in place, we will minimise the use of natural resources and help preserve the unique local biodiversity of the region – with our use of an innovative near-to-surface geothermal energy system already pioneering the technology for sustainable tourism in Portugal.


"Ombria is working with a large and expert team, and this project is also an opportunity to show our society that geothermal energy is a safe renewable energy, which must be harnessed and considered in the present."

Ombria’s Geothermal System: An
 Interview with Ville Tallbacka, Project Director

Clean and round-the-clock renewable energy


Our pioneering, low-impact near-to-surface geothermal system works by transferring heat from underground. Heat exchangers installed underground will allow the heat to be transferred to geothermal heat pumps. This equipment is reversible and can be used for cooling or heating indoor environments, as well as for producing hot water or heating pools. 

The geothermal system will heat the complex’s buildings during the winter and cooling them during the summer, occasioning a reasonable thermal equilibrium throughout the buildings and the subsoil.

According to Pedro Madureira, head of the Synege technical team, geothermal heat pumps are particularly efficient due to the virtually constant temperature of the heat source (underground), allowing the equipment to be used in almost always optimum conditions and with very good performance coefficients.


Geothermal power does not require the burning of any fossil fuels. The hot water or steam used is returned to the ground after it is used where it can be used again, which makes it a renewable energy source, leading to decreases in greenhouse gas emissions, thereby allowing energy consumption to be more sustainable.

The environmental advantages of this clean, round-the-clock renewable energy source are substantial: low emissions, small physical footprint and completely risk-free for ourselves and our neighbours. Because of this, we believe our geothermal project can help inspire others towards a new, sustainable way to meet our growing energy demands – for today and tomorrow. 

For more information see the infographics below:


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