You may not be able to go out for dinner, but you can sharpen your cooking skills online🍴Ombria Resort will host an online cooking event on Saturday in partnership with Z Loulé, with Chef Leandro Araújo. 

Follow Leandro Araújo’s live and learn how to prepare a flavourful easy-to-follow Portuguese recipe: 

Squid’s tempura with lemon and pennyroyal cream

- 200 g of clean squid
- Lemon
- Sunflower oil

Cream :
- 3 egg yolks
- 300g sunflower oil
- 3g of pennyroyal
- 1 lemon
- 1 coffee spoon of cuttlefish ink

Tempura batter :
- 180g of flour
- 300g of sparkling water
- 10g of brandy or Portuguese medronho
- 7,5g of salt
- 3g of sugar

We will be waiting for you live on Facebook on May2nd, at 6 pm CET (5 pm GMT)

Watch the cooking demo

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