Last week, Ombria Resort was awarded during the ART&TUR International Tourism Film Festival, in Aveiro, Portugal. Since its 1st edition in 2008, the festival has effectively fulfilled its mission of recognising the best audiovisual productions in Portugal and the world. Announced at the official ceremony held in Aveiro, Ombria achieved success, being distinguished:

1st with the “Sustainable Tourism” award
2nd with the “Tourism Services” award

Produced in the Algarve, where Ombria Resort is located, and having the Viceroy Residences show apartment, the golf course and its landscape as the backdrop, the film “It’s Always Now” captures the beauty of natural sceneries but also highlights the picturesque villages and nearby cities.

According to João Richard da Costa, “with this campaign, we intended to value the “slow luxury living” mode and convey the idea that the real luxury is having time to enjoy fundamental moments with our loved ones and having a balanced, healthy lifestyle, guided towards a more sustainable way of living. In this campaign, we chose to invoke a state of mind and the aspirational lifestyle of those looking to invest in a luxury apartment or villa such as the Viceroy Residences or the 
Alcedo Villas”.


The campaign, launched in March, is primarily aimed at private investors in primary markets, who may be looking to invest in a new residence in a luxury resort surrounded by nature. Buyers are originally from Portugal and other European countries, plus the Middle East, Asia and America. All value the authenticity of the places where they invest, hotel services, leisure and well-being areas, as well as the possibility of working remotely, without neglecting the essential connection with nature and environmental awareness, which are some of the main current trends in the luxury real estate segment.


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