Ombria Resort campaign launch "Its Always Now"


Currently under construction and planned to open in Q2 2022, Ombria Resort sets the bar as a new generation of mixed-use developments, with sustainability, the environment and support of nature and local heritage at its heart. Blissfully integrated into the heart of the inland Algarve and surrounded by rolling green hills, lush cork and oak forests, Ombria Resort intends to be an ambassador for the region. In a commitment with the local community, the resort wants to reinforce the importance of sustainable development to protect the indigenous species and preserve the cultural sites.


The campaign “It’s Always Now”, authored by KOBU Agency with the co-production of New Light Pictures, consists of a mini-film and several videos and photographs that will be used in several communication media to promote a unique lifestyle in the south of Portugal. Produced in inland Algarve, where Ombria Resort is located, and having the Viceroy Residences show apartment, the golf course and its landscape as the perfect backdrop, the movie captures the beauty of natural sceneries, with Rocha da Pena, Fonte da Benémola and the Falésia beach, but also highlights the picturesque village of Querença and the city of Loulé, with the showcase of well-known places like the Loulé market and the historic downtown.

Slow luxury living was the concept in mind to develop the promotional campaign. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, the search for tranquillity, stability and security in a secluded region has gradually increased.

Nature appears as the protagonist for a tranquil escape with family and friends. The only goal is to enjoy the best life has to offer - the feeling of belonging and protection, the care and tenderness, the memories that become a part of us and the remembrance of the authenticity of people and the honesty of the earth. Know how to enjoy time without tracking, collecting moments, and capturing the essence of what surrounds us. In a sensory experience, the movie invites us to reveal to a world where happiness lies in every gesture: a touch, a flavour, the wind and the sun.

With this campaign, we convey the idea that the true luxury of life is to have time to enjoy the moments that matter the most with family, friends and Nature beside us, allowing us to identify the beauty that lies in the most simple things: the sophistication and elegance in which Nature appears, the art of the details in every place, the desire to sketch a landscape instead of photographing it; to be available to tell a story in between the shadows of a curtain instead of watching a movie or turning the tv, to be free to feel life pulsing, the intensity of shared moments, in family or with friends, in a tranquil and secure place.


Watch the video here

Credits. Project Manager: Bruno Nunes | Creative Agency: KOBU Agency | Executive Producer: KOBU Agency | Producer: Mónica Loureiro & Sandra Lopes | Co-Producer: New Light Pictures || Script Writer & Director: João Pedro Viegas | Director of photography: Pedro Matos | Camera Operator: Pedro Matos; Tiago da Cruz | 1ºAC: Patrício Faísca | Gaffer: Nelson Mendonça; André Ferreira | Drone Pilot: Ricardo Flôxo | Drone Camera: Tiago da Cruz | Creative Director: Sandra Lopes | Stylist: Helga Santos | Hair Dress: Cátia Oliveira | Make Up: Susana Aleixo | Edition: Patrício Faísca; Pedro Matos | Colorist & VFX: Patrício Faísca | Post-Production Audio: André Espada | Voice-Over: Dacey Else | Photography: Ramiro Mendes | 1st Photography Assist: Liliana Guerreiro | Catering: Anise - A Cuisine Affair || Cast: Estrela Nunes | Benjamim Nunes | Joana Freitas | Jaymes Triglone || Acknowledgements: Globalpress Showroom | Tommy Hilfiger | BCode Quinta do Lago | Pekan | Josefinas | Birkomania | Sanjo | Play Up | Wolf & Rita | Rosa & Teixeira | A-Line Clothing | Eye Optic Art | Perfumes & Companhia | GMS Store | Yoni Surfboards | Freebike Shop | Merrell | Emília Artesã || Contributors: CM Loulé | Loulé Film Office | União Freguesias Querença, Tor e Benafim | Cafezique | O Postigo


One of Ombria’s Resort commitments is to create a sustainable luxury development in the Algarve, considered a leading south European tourist destination. Simultaneously, as it provides a sophisticated lifestyle through the construction of a luxury real estate development, perfectly integrated and situated in an unspoilt location, the resort also complements the “slow-living” experience with several awareness initiatives on the importance of sustainability and preservation of the cultural heritage.

Conscious of our connections, we have created a new naturally exceptional destination in the Algarve’s countryside, fostering a harmonious balance between its landscape and the local communities.

The campaign, launched in March is primarily aimed at private investors in main markets targeted by Ombria Resort, who may be looking to invest in a new residence in a luxury resort surrounded by nature. People residing in Portugal and in some countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, who value the authenticity of the places where they invest, the presence of services, leisure and well-being areas, as well as the possibility of working remotely, without neglecting the essential connection with nature and environmental awareness, which are some of the main current trends in the luxury real estate segment.

Dicover the unique investment opportunites at Ombria Resort

Ombria Resort presents a unique opportunity to acquire prime real estate in the Algarve, one of the most desirable locations in Europe. There are several purchase options depending on your needs and lifestyle, from a branded, fully-fitted freehold apartments to luxury villas.

The Viceroy Residences are a collection of branded apartments with full management services. The properties are an investment in a branded freehold holiday home, fully serviced and managed by Viceroy Hotels & Resorts. Owners benefit from privileged access to the hotel’s facilities and a guaranteed rental return for the first five years.

The Alcedo Villas are a collection of 12 private villas, available for ownership, offering a year-round luxury lifestyle of pleasant summers and mild winters, with all the simple pleasures of the Algarve ingrained throughout high-end luxury. Intended to break down boundaries between outdoor and indoor living, they express and complement the surrounding natural beauty to maintain the traditional essence of the region.

Ombria Resort will provide a unique opportunity to reconnect with friends and your loved ones and enjoy a healthy and safe region in southern Portugal. With a rich biodiversity and natural beauty as an inspiring backdrop, it will provide a unique opportunity to reconnect with friends and your loved ones and enjoy a healthy and safe region in southern Portugal. We therefore invite you to find a sense of meaning with us, in this quest for tranquility, slow living and reconnection with nature through the eyes of a child.

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