Ombria Resort has just completed a donation of 65 work uniforms to employees of the residential home Lar Ribeira da Tôr, located in the municipality of Loulé. This facility is managed by the non-profit organisation, Social and Cultural Association of Tôr (ASCT).

As part of a protocol signed in May 2019 with ASCT, Ombria commits to creating and promoting joint initiatives that strengthen links in areas of common interest, or address social progress and tourism development, services, special projects and events.

Ombria Resort has been developing other activities of social and educational nature with the local community, such as inviting 23 pupils from nerby village of Querença to plant native trees at the resort.

Located 7 km north of Loulé, Ombria Resort’s purpose is to pioneer a new generation of low-density construction resorts, where sustainability, the environment and support of nature and the local heritage are top priorities.

Ville Tallbacka and Julio Delgado from the General Administration of Ombria Resort (left), with the Administration and employees from ERPI Ribeira da Tôr Nursing Home, in Loulé.

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