MEDIA — 01/04/2023

According to an article published in the Financial Times & FT Online, high inflation and increasing loan rates have not discouraged American and Southern European buyers from investing in foreign properties. 

The demand for rural and coastal properties, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, has also increased due to Covid and travel restrictions. 

Despite the economic market not being the most favourable, buyers continue to be interested in investing in overseas properties. According to the newspaper, one of these examples is Rudolf Philipse, CEO of a software company based in The Hague, who reserved a 3-bedroom villa worth 1.1 million euros at Ombria in January and had already reserved two others as investments. The golf course was essential to his decision, as he could work remotely and play golf at Ombria. 

With an opening scheduled for Autumn 2023, Ombria will offer a leading golf experience designed in line with the sustainable vision that complements and highlights the natural landscape.



Financial Times & FT Online, April 1, 2023


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