According to Julio Delgado, CEO at Ombria Resort, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, pointing out that there is a paradigm shift in the luxury real estate market.

In the real estate sector, we see that the pandemic is accelerating some trends already in evidence for quite some time and creating new demands that reflect how people now want to live, invest and work in the next years.

“There will be a growing demand for properties located away from the city, in secure and private havens, close to nature and peaceful outdoor spaces.”

Primary and secondary residences will be looked like a relaxing place where people can take a break and spend some quality time with their family. Low-density areas and new generation mixed-used developments will also be important in the next couple of years.

Sustainability is becoming even more urgent, chiefly in the real estate industry, one of the few sectors that did not stop its activity during the pandemic.

Julio Delgado adds that “climate, education and healthcare systems, as well as the hospitality and closeness to nature, beaches as cities, are particular characteristics of Portugal as a bet for the investment that the pandemic has not wiped out."

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