“The Algarve region has some of the best — and most beautiful — wineries in the world.”

Southern Portugal may well be known for its paradisiac beach and vast expanses of golden sand but it is certainly a region where you will discover an abundance of celebrated wineries.

According to Travel & Leisure, the region's temperate climate and constant sunshine create the ideal location for growing grapes, making it a world-class destination for any vinophile.

“To make exploring the region a bit more manageable, there's an Algarve wine trail that takes visitors to a number of the area's best spots. From Lagos to Albufeira, the trail runs parallel to the coast, mainly highlighting the newer wineries to the scene.

So while the beautiful coastline dotted with picturesque beaches has long been the main draw for tourists heading south from Lisbon and Porto, the abundance of wineries only continues to solidify Portugal's southern coast as a world-class tourist destination."

At Ombria Resort, crossing to the west you will find the small village of Tôr, renowned for age-old vineyards that distil today’s summer sunshine into tomorrow´s raised glass!

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