The sustainable development and nature’s integration accelerates sales at Ombria Resort.

With the pandemic’s evolution, the trend is clear. With an ongoing demand for unique and remote destinations, people continue to gravitate towards places that offer natural and safe areas.

Júlio Delgado indicates that the pace of plant sales marketing as well as the 15 apartment sale by the end of 2020 was already a strong indicator of such demand. Meanwhile, with this year's sales (or reservations) cadency, Ombria Resort has now a market rate of approximately 45% .

Ombria’s Resort CEO adds that “In the middle of the pandemic, we’ve made two increments on the properties' prices - ranging from €350,000 to €800,000 - in the order of 5% to 6%.

Offering a product with a 5% rental return per year and with complete integration in the inland region of the Algarve, the resort has been attracting foreign investors such as the expected Britain market as well as investors from the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Honk Kong and the USA.

Also, as of 2022, Ombria Resort will continue to benefit from the Golden Visa programme since the resort is located in a municipality considered as an “inland region” (União de freguesias de Querença, Tôr e Benafim).

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