A few weeks ago, Property Investor Today carried out a site visit of Ombria Resort, to see how the construction is progressing and visit the Viceroy show apartment.

Under the title: “Carved by nature, sustainable inner Algarve resort starts to take shape”, the British property media addresses its thoughts on how the current development of the resort is going. 

From the description of the unspoiled location in which Ombria Resort is settled to the unique lifestyle and traditions, the article also includes an extensive introduction to the resort’s unique investment opportunities, its commitment to sustainability, and some construction and design highlights as well.

According to CEO Julio Delgado: “The construction is coming along very well. Last week we also completed our Viceroy Residences show apartment - a great milestone. Our owner Pontos Group [a Finnish family office] continues to be fully committed to Ombria Resort, and we have adhered throughout the pandemic (following all safety protocols) to our planned construction timetable.”

Property Investor Today - 3rd November 2020

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