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Latest research, conducted by*, reveals that 81% of global travellers favour green travel with 70% saying they are more likely to choose sustainable accommodation.

Latest research, conducted by*, reveals that 81% of global travellers favour green travel with 70% saying they are more likely to choose sustainable accommodation. 38% indicated that they are actively looking for information on the sustainability efforts of a property before they book. Savvy investors who are planning to buy an overseas property or second home have caught on to this trend and are increasingly looking to purchase a property that has good eco credentials.
Witnessing that demand for greener holiday homes has intensified is Ombria Resort, the luxury sustainable development in the Algarve. The project boasts an abundance of sustainable features and registered that more than 50% of buyers are particularly interested in the development’s eco credentials.
João Richard Costa, Director of Sales & Marketing at Ombria Resort, says: “We have seen a drastic change in buyer priorities over the past years as consumers have become increasingly aware of the environmental challenges our planet is facing. As such, the majority of our buyers put greater emphasis on sustainability, which results in a number of positive side effects.
“First and foremost, properties with good eco-credentials are a better choice for the world’s environmental health. Secondly, with the steady increase of eco-conscious travellers, second-home owners are more likely to attract holiday makers to their abode and therefore boost their rental income. Thirdly, running costs are relatively lower as, for example, Ombria Resort incorporates energy saving lights as well as solar and geothermal energy.”
*research published in April 2022

Confirming that green homes are being prioritised is Robert Green of estate agency Sphere Estates: “Our portfolio includes properties across the globe including, but not limited to, France, Spain, the Caribbean and Portugal. What we have witnessed is that, regardless of the destination, when buyers are presented with two options, they tend to put in an offer for the property with better eco credentials.”

Ombria Resort will incorporate numerous green initiatives, including:

1. Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings
Principles of sustainability were applied to the design and attributes of every building at Ombria Resort. Bioclimatic architecture, both innovative and traditional, allows for energy to be conserved wherever possible, using locally sourced materials perfectly adapted to the local climate.

2. Geothermal Energy
Ombria’s pioneering, low-impact near-to-surface geothermal system works by transferring the geothermal heat to pumped water through the ground and, in combination with reverse heat pumps, are used for climate control, both cooling or heating. A clean, round-the-clock renewable energy source.

3. Solar Energy
With over 320 days of sunshine a year, developing solar technology is important for the future of the Algarve. Supporting the geothermal system for climate control and outdoor pool heating will be a network of vacuum solar panels to harness this abundant natural and renewable resource.

4. HVAC System 
The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system was designed to adapt to the characteristics of the Algarve’s climate. By minimising its local impact, residents and guests will benefit from the naturally pure air of the resort’s location without compromising on its peace and tranquillity.

5. Water Management
Ombria Resort were able to minimise water consumption and also develop a specially designed pumping system that will store and distribute naturally replaced rainwaters. Rainwater collected by the ditches alongside the resort’s roads, streets and car parking areas will be channelled towards a storage lake on the 18th hole of the golf course and used for irrigation and landscaping by sophisticated, energy-efficient pumps that will save water and electricity by around 15%.

6. Lighting
Lighting for public spaces and interiors have been carefully selected to minimise energy consumption and maximise lifespan – with all installations using LED technology. Photoelectric sensors help to maximise energy efficiency with centralised control systems for indoor and outdoor lighting that follow changes in daylight, weather and occupancy.

7. EV chargers
Public and private parking spaces will all have electric vehicle charge points available, with over 20 individual access points.

8. Plant Nursery
By building a plant nursery, the resort is ensuring the development and growth of local species whilst working towards the preservation of the existing flora and fauna.

9. Recycling
Separating waste will be made easy for guests, residents and staff with eco-points and recycling bins available inside and out.

Ombria Resort is situated in a tranquil countryside setting, 2km from one of the Algarve’s largest Nature Reserves and 7km north of the market town of Loulé, with Faro airport and the beaches a mere 25-minute drive away. Buyers can currently discover Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort which comprise of 65 one- and two-bedroom apartments integrated within the 5-star ‘Viceroy at Ombria Resort’ hotel.

The fully furnished homes offer a guaranteed 5% net rental return per year for the first 5 years and owners can be confident that their property will be managed perfectly by the renowned Viceroy Hotel Group.

Due for completion in spring 2023, Viceroy Residences’ owners will have access to all the facilities of the hotel and the 18-hole golf course, six onsite restaurants, several heated pools, spa, kid's club, library, gourmet shop, clubhouse, conference centre, gym as well as services such as the concierge, cleaning, room service and maintenance.

Last but not least, owners will benefit from various advantages and discounts on golf as well as at the hotel facilities. This includes all of the Viceroy Hotels & Resorts’ 13 locations such as in the USA, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe.

Prices for the Viceroy Residences currently start from €609,200 for a fully furnished, luxury one-bed apartment.

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