MEDIA — 18/12/2023

In her latest article for The Times, journalist Sidonie Wilson shares a charming and unexpectedly romantic narrative about her golf vacation in the sunny Algarve region, titled "My surprisingly romantic golf holiday in the Algarve."

As Sidonie highlighted, the combination of romance and 18 holes of golf may seem unlikely at first glance. However, that was exactly her experience during her vacation in the Algarve, where she visited Ombria Algarve.

Although Ombria's Golf Course opened in May, Sidonie claims, "It looks as if the greens have just been rolled out for us. Perhaps the masses haven't clocked on yet, as the clubhouse's restaurant still isn't open". In addition, the first construction phase is scheduled for 2024.

According to Sidonie, who doesn't consider herself a fervent golf enthusiast, the course proved to be not just a playing ground; the kinetic beauty of the environment was what surprised and enchanted her the most. "The course has sustainable credentials, the fairways and greens weave around ancient trees and rivers."

A distinctive feature of the Ombria course is its exclusive use of buggies, and Sidonie quickly realized the reason behind this choice. "I quickly see why, as we whizz up and down steep and rolling hills".

The article concludes by revealing that the romantic and tranquil atmosphere provided the perfect setting for a relaxing break, where the couple not only enjoyed the game but also each other's company. "As the sun slowly dips behind the hills, orange hues are cast across the luscious greens", Sidonie described this experience as the essence of golf.


The Times, 18 November 2023


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