In this article from Visão, you can read more about the ongoing construction update as well as the sales progress at the resort.

Currently under construction and planned to open in Spring 2023, Ombria Resort sets the bar as a new generation of mixed-use developments, with sustainability, the environment and support of nature and local heritage at its heart.

Blissfully integrated into the heart of the inland Algarve and surrounded by rolling green hills, lush cork and oak forests, Ombria Resort intends to be an ambassador for the region. In a commitment with the local community, the resort wants to reinforce the importance of sustainable development to protect the indigenous species and preserve the cultural sites.

In our newest campaign we wanted to reinforce the value of the “slow luxury living” mode and convey the idea that the real luxury is having time to enjoy life’s fundamental moments with our loved ones and having a more balanced lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

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