Pioneer of a new generation of sustainable and low-density resorts in Portugal, Ombria Resort is continuously investing in innovative solutions that have sustainability, nature protection and well-being as central elements, seeking to value and make the most of the best the Algarve region has to offer in terms of raw materials.

In this spirit, Ombria Resort has adopted a highly innovative and efficient thermal coating technique on the market, based on cork produced in Portugal and lime, a raw material closely linked to the Algarve region and the old Ombria farm, where the recently recovered old lime kilns can be found. This technology - called Diathonite Thermactive - offers centuries-old durability and maximum safety, exponentially improving the comfort of our homes and ensuring balance, health and harmony.

Cork is a natural and sustainable material with several benefits for thermal comfort and safety in the construction of properties, as it does not change with humidity, acts as a sound insulator and reduces heat exchange, contributing to a cooler environment during the Summer and warmer in Winter.

In turn, the “traditional” characteristics of lime make it biocompatible and suitable for the most varied buildings, used throughout the history of Algarve buildings, guaranteeing them mechanical resistance, antibacterial action, breathability and fire resistance.

“By choosing natural materials such as cork, Ombria Resort is working to ensure the preservation of the sanctuary in which we live, so that future generations can enjoy this unique experience. We have one of the lowest construction densities (3.5%) and the highest quality standards of any development in Europe)», explains Júlio Delgado, CEO of Ombria Resort.

All Ombria Resort properties are developed to ensure harmony between construction and its natural surroundings, being strongly inspired by a design concept fully aligned with the regional architectural standards, in which sustainability, the environment and support for nature and local heritage are priorities.

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