In an opinion piece about the importance of nature and constructions in low-density areas, Julio Delgado points out that current times are leading to a paradigm shift in the luxury real estate market.


“This pandemic offered us the opportunity to reassess the way we work and live, and people are now reevaluating their values and priorities.”


According to Ombria Resort's CEO, this paradigm shift is creating new trends and demands in the real estate paradigm and also changing perspectives, with people questioning where they want to live, invest and work in the next years.


The latest confinement months urged the need to invest in safe spaces, closer to nature and with vast and peaceful outdoor spaces.


Simultaneously, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of remote work in terms of productivity, safety and sustainability.


Primary and secondary residences located in urban areas will gradually be relocated to low-density areas, namely rural areas and new generation mixed-use developments.

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