MEDIA — 19/06/2023

According to Fabric Magazine, he prospect of buying a second home abroad is increasingly attractive among Londoners. 

"Whether we're looking for a handy holiday home to keep returning to, a peaceful retirement spot, or a smart investment property that just so happens to come with sangrias and sandy beaches, a place in the sun really is the dream. "

However, there are several barriers to overcome, such as language and legal issues, making the start of the house search not always easy. Fortunately, the magazine states that local property experts can guide those interested in this process.

Jelena Cvjetkovic, Director of the Global Residential Team at Savills in London, comments, "Today's buyers are dividing their time more evenly as the climate crisis and new working patterns signal a move beyond short-stay trips away." 

Instead of being a passing trend, the concept of hybrid living, with owners spending more time in their holiday homes and turning them into secondary residences, is becoming a fundamental lifestyle shift after the pandemic.

The article states, "But before putting in that offer and mentally moving in and planning future summer and winter breaks, there are some very practical considerations to be made." Safety, available amenities, accessibility, and travel time are some of the factors mentioned as essential to consider when making a choice.

In this sense, Ombria represents a unique investment opportunity in southern Portugal as it combines all the indispensable requirements for those looking for a holiday home or a second residence. Furthermore, João Richard Costa, Sales and Marketing Director of Ombria Algarve, stated that the region has long been known in the English market as a tourist reference point. "Many British residents have a long-standing love affair with Portugal. Our rich culture, warm climate, food, low cost of living, friendly communities and regular flights from the UK are just some of the reasons why we are witnessing continuous demand from British buyers who want to own a holiday home in the sun. " he explains.

Scheduled to open in Spring 2024, Ombria is located in a peaceful rural environment, 2 km from one of the largest nature reserves in the Algarve and 7 km north of Loulé, with Faro airport and the paradisiacal Algarve beaches just a 25-minute drive away.

With a unique and diverse real estate offering, Ombria Algarve is the perfect choice for those seeking a simpler lifestyle and a luxurious residential experience in close contact with nature.

Discover the investment opportunities at Ombria Algarve.



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