MEDIA — 25/10/2023

According to The Times, the demand for properties on Europe's most sustainable golf courses has been increasing. According to the newspaper, Ombria is one of the golf courses that adopts a more modern and sustainable approach.

As the journalist explains, golf's reputation isn't always excellent when it comes to its environmental footprint. However, solutions do exist, and a number of initiatives are already being taken, like those implemented at Ombria, right from the planning stage.

According to João Richard Costa, CCO of Ombria Algarve, nowadays, buyers of properties on golf courses are no longer satisfied with just a challenging golf course and attractive amenities. "They want a course that moves with the times and acknowledges the need for sustainability", he explains. Open in May 2023, the 18-hole course covers some 53 hectares, of which only 25 are covered with turf grass. Also, 35 hectares of roughs have been covered with native wildflowers.

Journalist Chris Bertram, who has put together a list of the 100 best sustainable golf courses in Europe for Golf World, states that although there are no set eco rules that golf clubs must implement, most of them are showing concern for the environment.

In this sense, Ombria Algarve emerges as an inspiring example of how European golf courses are embracing sustainability, becoming not only stunning golf destinations but also leaders when it comes to protecting the environment.

"We are all passionate about golf and real estate, but it's important to be equally passionate about protecting the environment”, refers João Richard Costa, CCO of Ombria. 

Scheduled to open in Spring 2024, the resort includes a geothermal system to heat and cool the 5-star hotel and Viceroy Residences, an HVAC system specially designed for the Algarve climate, and carports with solar panels on the roof.


The Times, 15 October 2023


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