MEDIA — 07/02/2024


OMBRIA has entered a strategic partnership with SANJOSE to build the Viceroy at Ombria Algarve hotel, the 65 branded Viceroy Residences and the Alcedo Villas show villa. The two companies share essential values, primarily in terms of protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.

Conservation of biodiversity and integration of the natural heritage, as well as the implementation of measures to mitigate the impact on flora and fauna, are central to the partnership between Ombria and SANJOSE. The two companies have in common the promotion of measures that contribute to a shift towards a low-carbon economy, energy efficiency and climate-resilient buildings. They also share the same policy on raising employee awareness of behaviors that contribute to reducing energy consumption and overall environmental impact.

Construction is an essential sector for the economy, and its conversion to a circular economy is fundamental, considering the optimization and efficient use of resources to create a more competitive and resilient system. SANJOSE's and Ombria's commitment covers the entire life cycle of the construction process and is not limited to managing the waste generated during their activities.

We are also committed to technological development and innovation, enabling us to offer more efficient construction solutions, tailored not only to the needs of guests and owners, but also to an increasingly demanding society in terms of construction energy efficiency, sustainability, and respect for the natural heritage.

The first phase of Ombria is scheduled to open in autumn 2024.


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