MEDIA — 18/03/2024

In the most recent edition of Today's Golfer magazine, an article entitled "Portugal - Across three areas on the mainland and in its Atlantic Oceans islands, Portugal offers something for everyone" highlights Ombria Algarve as a notable addition to the already vast offering of golf courses in Portugal.

Regarding Ombria Algarve - Golf Course, Today's Golfer highlights its recent opening as a significant milestone in a region that "is always developing". The article emphasizes the region's continued popularity among British golfers, "the most popular destination for British golfers for more than 50 years and most who travel to play the game will have been there."

The article identifies nine distinct areas in Portugal that deserve consideration for a golf holiday, highlighting the diversity of options available. It is said that "three separate breaks in each of the Algarve and Lisbon" provide variety and options for golfers. The city of Porto is mentioned as the "seventh option on the mainland", and the islands of the Azores and Madeira archipelagos are also included in the equation.

According to the article, "All five areas have access to the coast", which contributes to the diversity of golf courses available, making golf trips to Portugal a unique and option-rich experience.



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