Julio Delgado believes that the real estate sector will continue to be seen as a strong and secure investment. 

Despite the perturbations caused by the pandemic, national and international investors will continue to invest in the real estate market in Portugal, especially in the residential sector.

Julio Delgado recalls that, in 2020, new trends in residential and tourist real estate emerged, which will continue in the coming years: proximity to Nature, Sustainable concern and practices, low density resorts away from the big urban centers, where the residents feel safe.

For the new year, Ombria expects an equally challenging and resilient journey, continuing to invest in online marketing campaigns and social networks, namely through its app that allows a virtual visit to the available properties.

According to the CEO of Ombria Resort, private investment to attract and retain foreign investors is essential and should be encouraged with tax incentives, especially now with the current changes to the Golden Visa Regime.

With a diverse European property market, it will be essential to strengthen and introduce more stability and long-term confidence in the national property market.

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