“Se Hiljaisempi Kokkila”


On November 21, Timo Kokkila, CEO of Pontos Group, Ombria Resort’s Finnish developer, made front cover of Finnish OPTIO magazine, which is circulated with business daily newspaper Kauppalehti (101.529 readers, digital and print).

In the article, Timo Kokkila explains Pontos has a multinational team who has been working hard on this project over the past years. From the early stage of Ombria Resort, the intent of Ilpo Kokkila - Timo’s father and Chairman of the Finnish construction company SRV and Pontos - was to build an eco-friendly resort with a focus on wellbeing.

According to him, “The concept of wellbeing was not invented by us. My father, Ilpo Kokkila, is not the only person to come up with this idea, but it was very visionary of him to think about wellbeing 15 years ago!”

As Timo Kokkila explains, “Ombria Resort will have the biggest geothermal system on the Iberian Peninsula. It will provide heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year in a very sustainable way."

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