MEDIA — 03/05/2022


According to research led by real estate consulting firm Savills Plc, reported by Bloomberg, the Algarve where Ombria Resort is being built ranks fourth most welcoming region for remote senior staff. The real estate consulting firm has ranked the fifteen destinations most suited to the needs of what it calls "executive nomads”. Lisbon is at the top of this list, trailing behind Miami (No. 2) and Dubai (No. 3).  Among Savills’ criteria are the speed of the internet connection, but also climate, quality of life, prime residential rents and accessibility by plane.

The pandemic reshaped the dynamics of working places all over the world and the way people relate to their work routines and colleagues as they began to turn remote work into their new office, wherever it was. Since the pandemic, a new generation of digital nomads has risen and picking their most suitable city and place to work became a crucial factor in their overall happiness and productivity.

Foreign buyers’ interest has risen to such a high extent that they are now willing to pay more than double for a Lisbon home than domestic buyers, according to Portugal’s National Statistics Institute, to benefit from the advantages of city living, as well as the ones that come along with Portugal being in the European Union.

The Algarve also benefits from this new momentum. Already popular among holidaymakers, the southern region of Portugal has registered a spike of real estate investment interest. 

João Costa, Sales Director at Ombria Resort, says that Ombria has “developed a project where one can live and work remotely, either permanently or for longer periods of time."

The Algarve’s summery climate and dreamlike beaches, together with a vastly unspoiled countryside landscape, high quality of life index and easy connections to the rest of Europe are spurring overseas buyers to purchase homes to use all year round and give their personal and professional lives a more genuine sense of fulfilment.

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