A resort partnered with Nature

Rolling green hills with rugged trails and gently sloping valleys. Meandering rivers flow to crystalline lakes and hidden waterfalls. Sweeping vistas and stunning panoramas of verdant oak forests and age-old vineyards. This is a paradise for nature lovers - a sanctuary we want to preserve and a special place you’ll soon come to share our passion for.

Winding rivers and sparkling springs

Spring waters flow from beneath Querença, crystal clear and shimmering under the Algarve sun

The nature reserve Fonte de Benémola nearby is fed by the waters of the Ribeira da Menalva, enriching an important ecological system and supporting a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Running along its banks, a trail allows visitors to enjoy this haven for wild birds and other animal populations without damaging it.

Lush forests and wild aromatics

Hidden in peaceful tranquillity, shelter some of the most important ecosystems in Portugal

Among the dense oak and carob forests, the green hills harbour a colourful mosaic of local flora as well as an incredible array of indigenous botanicals, some of which remain unclassified to this day. The unmistakable scents of wild flowers and aromatic herbs make it a veritable paradise for botanists and hikers alike.

A naturally exceptional lifestyle

Surrounded by important ecological habitats, Ombria is a place in harmony with nature

The outstanding natural beauty that surrounds us enhances the wellness and lifestyle that we offer. Every aspect of our resort experience is inspired by the living world around us, by the hillsides, rivers and landscapes. Our passion to protect this region has woven an oasis around trees that have grown here for generations.

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