Portugal has recently been cited by several media as a good example in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business Insider explains how Portugal curbed the spread of the coronavirus while Bloomberg and 24heures highlight the country’s Safe-Haven Status and how Portugal is taking advantage of it to stimulate recovery and boost tourism as soon as the confinement measures are alleviated.

Aljazeera discusses why Portugal has managed the pandemic outbreak far better than Spain and China Global Television Network (CGTN) also shared some insights on how Portugal managed this crisis so well.

German newspaper Der Spiegel finds that the main reasons for the relatively low impact of covid-19 in Portugal were the self-discipline of the Portuguese population and the country's geographical location at the edge of Europe. rtl nieuws explains why Portugal is facing corona crisis better and how the country was able to learn from the approach taken by other countries, withstanding the virus remarkably well.

The Guardian highlights the joint effort and the early measures taken by the Portuguese government combined with permanent attention to what was happening in other European countries. New York Times also notes Portugal's prudence in managing the quarantine. 

In Switzerland, the newspaper Le Temps and in France, radio France Inter or the RTBF - website of French-Belgian radio television, emphasise that Portugal took rigorous measures in advance, such as the decree to declare State of Emergency at a very early stage of the outbreak.

CNN and El País, on the other hand, praise the measures to grant citizenship rights to all migrants and asylum seekers who have residency applications underway to ensure everybody has access to social security and health care while the country battles the spread of coronavirus.


Last update 21 May 2020

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