Sustainability is an integral part of Ombria’s vision. How we blend into our environment and the impact we will have upon the local community have been fundamental considerations guiding our planning, design, construction and operation philosophies. An Environmental Impact Statement supported licence has allowed us to achieve environmental compliance for each phase of construction.

Our genuine commitment to economic, environmental and social responsibility aims to develop a resort in harmony with its natural environment and local community. To ensure this, we have minimized the use of natural resources and developed less than a quarter of the total resort area in order to preserve the local biodiversity.

Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are increasingly under threat from human activities.

Pollinators allow many plants, including many food crops, to reproduce. Not only do pollinators contribute directly to food security, but they are key to conserving biodiversity - a cornerstone of the Sustainable Development Goals. They also serve as sentinels for emergent environmental risks, signaling the health of local ecosystems.

Invasive insects, pesticides, land-use change and monocropping practices may reduce available nutrients and pose threats to bee colonies.

At Ombria Resort we want to do our bit by establishing a bee colony and honey harvest programme – it’s our pleasure to help them bee all they can bee!

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Bees and Polinators

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