Ombria Resort mis en avant dans le quotidien Financial Times. En novembre 2019, le Financial Times a publié un article sur la nouvelle vague d'investissement dans le golf, et notamment dans le cadre de projets immobiliers.


Last month (November, 2019), Financial Times wrote an article about the new wave of golf investment, many of them associated with property developments.

Ombria Resort was highlighted by having one of the newest golf courses in the Algarve region. As Julio Delgado, Ombria’s chief executive points out, properties on golf courses can be 10 to 15 per cent more expensive than those without, making it an attractive project for investors.

Finished and set to open along the hotel, in spring 2023, Ombria Resort will offer a landmark golf experience, designed according to a sustainable vision that complements and enhances the natural landscape.


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