Here you will be able to consult the previous construction updates on the development of the Viceroy Hotel and the Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort.


24th November, 2020

November 24th


29th October, 2020

October 29th


8th October, 2020

October 8th


23rd September, 2020

September 23rd


4th September, 2020

September 4th


17th August, 2020

August 17th


3rd August, 2020

August 3rd


22nd July, 2020

July 22nd


2nd July, 2020

July 2nd


17th June, 2020

June 17th


3rd June, 2020

June 3rd


19th May, 2020

May 19th


29th April, 2020

April 29th


14th April, 2020

April 14th


26th March, 2020

26th march


6th March, 2020

6th march


15th February, 2020

15th February


1st February, 2020

1st February


17th January, 2020

17th January


10th January, 2020

10th January


17th December, 2019

17th December

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