Ombria Resort endows you with a sophisticated and authentic lifestyle experience, against a backdrop of outstanding natural scenic beauty. It will feature the five-star Viceroy at Ombria Resort and Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort, an 18-hole golf course, freehold apartments, townhouses and villas for sale, and cutting edge amenities to meet your highest expectations: Spa, health, fitness, leisure and entertainment facilities; food and beverage outlets; conference and sports centres.

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Ombria Resort will have a comprehensive set of luxury facilities and amenities for the whole family and for all ages.

  • Viceroy at Ombria Resort (5-star Hotel)
  • Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort
  • Residential Units for sale
  • 18-Hole Golf Course and Clubhouse
  • Spa
  • Fitness Centre
  • Restaurants
  • Lake
  • Conference and Events Centre
  • Swimming Pools
  • Children Activities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Beach Club (nearby)
  • Outdoor Experiences
  • Organic Vegetable Garden
  • Sky / Astronomical Observatory


To make your experience at Ombria Resort unforgettable and your property well managed and maintained, we offer guests and home owners a wide range of exclusive services and benefits.

  • Structures and communal areas repair and maintenance: roads, gardening, landscape.
  • Indoor and outdoor common areas: lighting, heating, cleaning, waste disposal, 24h security.

  • House maintenance
  • Pool & garden maintenance
  • Housekeeping, maid service, laundry

Excursions, sports and activities, private parties, shuttle service to beach, airport transfers, childcare, room service.

    Sales, marketing & management of properties within the rental pool.